Zach Theatre’s Tortoise and Hare

This delightful, inspiring musical teaches us there’s more to the story than the amazing race

Ultimately, winning has less to do with persistence than with living a fulfilling life.

Such an idea is natural in a work by Allen Robertson and Damon Brown, the “Best of Austin” award-winning duo that’s been creating musicals for young audiences for years now (with Robertson, who’s been writing them since the Nineties, having as many to his credit as Aesop has fables). Here, as in their takes on Robin Hood (Rob1n), “The Elves and the Shoemaker” (A Shoe Story), and “Stone Soup” (Stone Soup), the team treats a classic tale as a template for exploring contemporary issues that can pit one community against another and finding a resolution that speaks to the value of cooperation and togetherness.

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