About Us

or: Are these checks together, or separate?

Outpost Tomorrow

Outpost Tomorrow is a collaborative project dedicated to producing entertainment for the whole family that encourages optimism, innovation, and enthusiasm.

Our last known address was located in sunny Austin, Texas where we enjoy long walks, creating home made pizza pockets, and celebrating Christmas whilst wearing shorts. Our offices are in a secret underground bunker beneath a theme park you’ve probably never heard of.


The Team

The Emmy award-winning collaborative works of Allen Robertson and Damon Brown could well serve as the classic definition of “creative chemistry”. Robertson and Brown individually possess acclaimed talents and production successes: but together they are magic. Together, they are a veritable assembly-line of fresh, innovative, entertaining products that audiences devour.

Professionally, they are the two perfect pieces of a dominant creative team, both multi-skilled, and multi talented. They can improv and develop concepts with the rare ability to successfully combine professional rigor with playful collaboration. Versed in both the creative side (music, writing, performing) and the production side (video & audio recording & editing, graphic & production design,) Robertson and Brown seamlessly blend their talents. This 360 degree view of a project allows them to orchestrate all aspects of a production at a level you simply don’t see every day.

The two have collaborated on all manner of media from film, television, theater, and recordings (both CD and DVD) to live performances, public relations, and fund-raising. For the last decade, their work has been enjoyed by millions across the country on the PBS TV series, The Biscuit Brothers. Since 1990, their “collaborative creative chemistry” has consistently translated into songs and stories that educate, enrich and excite the imagination of audiences of all ages.

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