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Shoe Review!

Summer Stock Austin’s A Shoe Story Allen Robertson and Damon Brown’s new musical reinvents “The Elves and the Shoemaker” as a timely tale of refugees but in a clever, playful way REVIEWED BY ROBERT FAIRES, FRI., AUG. 4, 2017 These are desperate days for elves. Their homeland is…

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Inside the mind of Allen Robertson!

Place your bets! What’s in there? Ghosts? A singing hobbit? Stop guessing. Here’s a link to a story about the creative process behind “A Shoe Story” instead!

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It’s 2017, ya’ll! Elves! Shoemakers! Punnish rap battles!

Must be a new musical from Allen and Damon rehearsing at Summer Stock Austin. “A Shoe Story” also known as The Elves and the Shoemaker makes its summer debut this month and it’s full of elf hip-hop (meaning the music and actual hopping) and a…

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