"Fabled!" New musicals with all the heart and humor of a Pixar film

Affordable to produce, flexible cast size, performance tracks, contemporary music, written with young adult performers in mind

Original Musicals for family audiences available for stage licensing and production

In their reinvention of Aesop’s fable, Allen Robertson and Damon Brown created an original musical… even more joyous and affecting than 2014’s Stone Soup. Lessons about friendship, community, sacrifice, gender roles, and the environment were served up with rap, catchy tunes, and the humor and heart of a Pixar film.
The eclectic nature of the tunes is a wise and effective choice. It keeps the audience engaged, something many children’s shows struggle to do. The book is full of one-liners that reach to all audience members, regardless of age, and incorporates messages about teamwork, fear, and friendship without beating them to death.

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